Awareness and action on issues of intergenerational fairness

Think Forward is an advocacy group for young Australians. We want to see issues of intergenerational fairness front and centre in Australian federal politics. Our vision is to see all political parties develop and implement policies that secure the prosperity of future generation of Australians. We will lobby politicians, share knowledge and start conversations in an effort to address one of the biggest moral issues of our time.


The idea of fairness between generations 

Intergenerational fairness describes the idea that there should be economic and social fairness between generations. In practice, we believe intergenerational fairness occurs when governments make choices that don't just benefit the older voting population, but consider the future prosperity of young people.

Intergenerational fairness is a HUGE problem in Australia. How do we know? Because economists have been telling us this for years!


For example:



To read about how Think Forward is taking action on these issues see our campaign for an intergenerational fairness inquiry


A bipartisan think tank and advocacy group for young Australians  


We are a group for young Australians  run by young Australians who come from all sides of politics. ​Our average age is 27 so we have skin in the game. Our 2020 priority is to put intergenerational fairness issues front and centre in Australia’s political debates and include youth perspectives in discussions on taxation, housing and superannuation.


At Think Forward we don’t provide services to young people nor do we claim to be the experts. We exist to put pressure on governments to make intergenerationally fair choices, drawing on the significant evidence base developed by Australia’s economists, political scientists and young people.


We're always keen to meet like-minded people, so please get in contact. Think Forward Australia is an incorporated association.

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