We urgently need a parliamentary inquiry into intergenerational fairness in the tax and transfer system

Why an inquiry?

  • An inquiry kickstarts a conversation about intergenerational fairness with decision makers about tax reform

  • It can provide a platform for economists and young people to make submissions 

  • An inquiry into intergenerational fairness has been successfully set up in the UK see here

Why now?

  • The economic fall out of COVID 19 has left younger generations more vulnerable than ever

  • The media have brought intergenerational fairness front and centre of federal politics see here 

  • As politicians prepare the economic recovery it is a unique time to reset and reform the tax system 


  • If you are a person (young or old!) sign the petition calling for an inquiry here   

  • If you represent an interested organisation or are an expert on tax join our coalition here  

  • To hear more about what we are doing to lobby for a parliamentary inquiry let us know here

Think Forward is an advocacy group for young Australians who want our politicians to prioritise and take action on issues of  intergenerational fairness

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