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Cut the commute and make renting sustainable

Young people need to be able to afford homes near where they work and study.


Address supply issues where it matters for young people  

The best evidence says building an extra 50,000 homes a year for a decade could leave Australian house prices 5-20% lower than what they would have been otherwise, stemming rising anxiety about housing affordability for young people.


Government needs to set housing targets for each local council in inner and middle ring suburbs homes so young people can afford homes near where they work and study.


The targets should be linked to plans for the growth of the city as a whole.

Think Forward calls on the Federal Government to compel states to set housing targets for local councils, through federal funding arrangements, to encourage more homes to be built in inner and middle-ring suburbs of our largest cities.


Ensure young people have secure and affordable housing options

As home ownership and social housing are increasingly out of reach, growing numbers of young people are renting their homes for longer periods of their lives.


A national investigation into renting reforms (that considers removing ‘no grounds evictions‘ and methods to encourage longer term leases) is needed to give young people who rent stability and security.

Think Forward calls on Federal Government to work through COAG to make renting more secure by reforming residential tenancy laws and adopting nationally consistent principles for rental policies.

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