We urgently need a parliamentary inquiry into intergenerational fairness in the tax and transfer system

This year ​Think Forward is focused on bringing issues of inter-generational fairness to the national stage by pushing for a parliamentary inquiry in 2021. This inquiry will predominantly focus on economic (particularly tax reform) and social issues that impact all generations, and look to identify areas where we need to restore balance in our collective generational bargain. 

Why an inquiry?

  • An inquiry kickstarts a conversation about intergenerational fairness with decision makers about tax reform

  • It can provide a platform for economists and young people to make submissions 

  • An inquiry into intergenerational fairness has been successfully set up in the UK see here

Why now?

  • The economic fall out of COVID 19 has left younger generations more vulnerable than ever

  • The media have brought intergenerational fairness front and centre of federal politics see here 

  • As politicians prepare the economic recovery it is a unique time to reset and reform the tax system 

How can I get involved?

  • If you represent an interested organisation or have expertise in issues of inter-generational fairness, join our coalition here.

  • If you'd like to send us your thoughts on issues, we love reading contributions to the debate and we will do our best to respond. Send us a message here

  • To hear more about what we are doing to lobby for a parliamentary inquiry, subscribe for updates. 

Think Forward is a bi-partisan lobby group for young Australians who want our politicians to prioritise and take action on issues of  intergenerational fairness

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