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Project Officer | Position Description 

Employment Type: Casual (1 day/ 8 hours per week) 

Term: Minimum 6 months, with the possibility of extension

Location: Remote working, based in Australia 

Reports to: Think Forward Executive 

Remuneration: $30 per hour (including compulsory superannuation). Think Forward will also consider contractors with their own ABN. 

Purpose: Work independently and collaboratively as required to develop and deliver a project plan with the overarching aim to establish an intergenerational fairness inquiry in Federal Parliament in 2021. This will include project planning and administration, stakeholder management, policy development and communications. 


About Think Forward 


We are a bipartisan lobby group for young Australians. We are a group for young Australians run by young Australians who come from all sides of politics. ​Our average age is 27 so we have skin in the game. Our 2020/2021 priority is to put intergenerational fairness issues front and centre in Australia’s political debates and include youth perspectives in discussions on taxation, housing and superannuation. We want to achieve this through a formal parliamentary inquiry into intergenerational fairness. 


At Think Forward we don’t provide services to young people nor do we claim to be the experts. We exist to put pressure on governments to make intergenerationally fair choices, drawing on the significant evidence base developed by Australia’s economists, political scientists and young people.


Why an Inquiry and Why Now?


  • An inquiry kickstarts a conversation about intergenerational fairness with decision makers about tax reform.

  • It can provide a platform for economists and young people to make submissions 

  • An inquiry into intergenerational fairness has been successfully set up in the UK see here.

  • The economic fall-out of COVID 19 has left younger generations more vulnerable than ever.

  • The media have brought intergenerational fairness front and centre of federal politics see here. 

  • As politicians prepare the economic recovery it is a unique time to reset and reform the tax system. 


Position Summary 


Think Forward is seeking a project officer that is passionate about raising awareness and advocating on issues of intergenerational fairness. The Project Officer position will be responsible for delivering the work required to lobby for and establish a parliamentary inquiry into intergenerational fairness. As our first paid employee, you will instrumental in setting up the project for success, and world closely with our volunteer Executive to work towards a parliamentary inquiry. 


The Project Officer role, supported by the Think Forward Executive will focus on the following four areas over the next 6 months: 


  • Establishing our stakeholder plan to lobby for intergenerational fairness and building key relationships and partnerships

  • Developing a series of targeted digital communications to our stakeholders 

  • Developing our terms of reference and high-level policy positions 

  • Project managing our engagement and responses from stakeholders including parliamentarians, bureaucrats, media, partner organisations and the general public. 


Professional Qualifications 

  • There are no mandatory qualifications for this role. Candidates with qualifications and demonstrated experience in project management, communications and public policy are highly desirable. 


Core Competencies 

The successful candidate will demonstrate the following personal values and competencies: 

  • Ability to work independently with limited direction. You will need to be a self-starter and a bit of a Jack or Jill of all trades, given high level tasks and translating these into concrete actions and outputs. 

  • Honest and resourceful. Our limited budget means we can’t employ someone full-time, so you will need to use your time wisely, prioritise high-value activities, check-in proactively and be honest about what is achievable. 

  • Creative. We are doing this all for the first time, and we’re figuring it out as we go, you’ll be willing to have a go at a range of different tasks, and draw upon your professional, educational and personal experiences. 


Work Competencies 

The successful candidate will demonstrate the following competencies:

  • A strong communicator. You are comfortable working across including digital channels (e.g. social media, slack, e-mail) and developing formalised briefs and campaign materials.  

  • A relationship builder. You have experience in building a professional network and understand what it is to work in an ‘eco-system’ of partners working towards a common goal. 

  • You are a project manager. You’re able to look ahead, anticipate risks, and work to a timeline and a budget. You’re willing to share the load, and also do your bit and be held accountable. 

  • You are a policy wonk. You love a good argument, you’re well briefed on a number of relevant public policy issues impacting young people, and you’re passionate about creating an intergenerationally fair country. 


Other Relevant Information


The successful candidate will be encouraged to work flexibly and submit a timesheet each week. Where feasible, the successful candidate will be asked to nominate working days/times to ensure work/life balance and appropriate communication with the Executive. 


It is expected that successful candidate will have access to a personal phone and laptop and Think Forward will reimburse for reasonable work-related expenses (e.g. internet and phone based on set ATO rates). If the candidate does not have access to a laptop and phone, Think Forward will work with the successful candidate to reach a mutually agreeable solution. 


From time to time the successful candidate might be asked to participate in meetings outside of core business hours (9 to 5), the successful candidate will be remunerated for all meetings attended outside of regular working hours, beyond the agreed 8 hours per week. 


Application Process 


Please submit a cover letter (two pages max) and a CV to (addressed to Megan) by 5pm, Friday 4 September 2020. 


Applicants will be shortlisted for a video-call interview shortly after.  


Any questions can also be directed to the Think Forward inbox, and we will do our best to respond promptly.

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